Fresh Ideas For Creating A Brilliant Rhetorical Synthesis Essay

Writing a synthesis essay requires awareness in almost the same quantity as acuity and grasp. You need to pick topics that stir you and then bring it all along with whatever you know about the topic.

While there is a template and time-tested manner of writing such pieces, you can always bring new ideas to the fore. Here are some innovations in the context of rhetorical synthesis pieces –

  • Asking luminaries – Well, if you cannot directly approach them, elicit what they have to say on the topic. Gather whatever you can and accentuate on their tone and diction. Give it a forward impetus to resonate fully with the rhetoric part.
  • Reading too many critiques – Go through critiques on works related to the topic. Make an intelligent medley and synthesize the perspectives with complete gumption. Your assonating and grafting qualities are visible here; so don’t lag and try to be observant.
  • Reversing the tone – You can go the reverse way; from the specific to the broader entity. You may begin with what you assess and analyze and then backtrack on how you reached the particular synthesis. This requires seasoned writing and flair; so better work on it.
  • Changing themes – One interesting way is to keep changing themes even if sticking to the original precept. For example; when you take a subject like racism; you can involve immigrants, schools; sports, bigamy; distinction in societal norms. All these are taken from different dimensions and add to the common lot. Get the grip!
  • Working on rhetoric – You can be assertive on what you like about the flair and tone of a work in conjunction with other. You can involve a hypothetical work in the middle just for spice. In fact, plating with the rhetoric is extremely interesting if you know how to play.

Good with basics

Above mentioned are some of the fresh ideas you can utilize into creating synthesis pieces with rhetoric flair. You have to be particularly good with grammar and structure; make a sound proofreading to weed out any errors; intentional or otherwise.

Stay with the habit

It helps if you are in the habit of writing essays. It keeps you in the rut and also in the experience of capturing essential elements from original works. Otherwise, writing a critique can be quite cumbersome; writing synthesis pieces equally so. Practice is what keeps you afloat.

For starters; learn to think differently on the same topic and then synthesize the altercating opinions with merit.

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