12 Solid Discursive Essay Topics On Social Media

When writing a discursive essay, you will generally need to choose a topic that you can write about in a persuasive manner. In fact, a discursive paper is often relatively similar to an opinion, a persuasive, or an argumentative paper - essentially, there are many descriptions for this relatively similar style of writing. Therefore, if you have written persuasive of argumentative papers in the past, then you might have a good understanding of how to come up with good topics.

For example, if you need to write about social media, then it is a good idea to try and think of any opinions that you might have about the topic. Likewise, you might well think of any controversial areas relating to that subject that you would like to discuss.

To give you a better understanding of what topics you can use, the following outlines 12 ideas.

  1. Large businesses, particularly those in the public eye, should not attempt to use social media unless doing so in conjunction with a social media expert
  2. Businesses should use social media as a way of interacting and communicating with customers as it is much more accessible and user-friendly in comparison with most other contact methods
  3. Children under the age of 15 should not use social media
  4. Social media is having a hugely negative effect on societies and will have a dramatic impact upon the way in which people have relationships with others
  5. Social media websites have lost sight of the original aims and have become obsessed with advertising and developing other means of increasing their revenues
  6. Social media is just a fat and most or all of the current major social media websites will be gone within the next couple of decades
  7. People live happier lives if they are not registered or do not regularly use any social media websites
  8. Social media websites of the most important technological development to have risen as a result of the Internet
  9. Social media websites have a duty to assist individuals who live in societies that are oppressive
  10. Social media websites should do more to prevent online bullying and harassment
  11. Social media websites do not do enough to prevent individuals from seeing harmful or distressing images and videos, as well as other content that is unsuitable
  12. The use of social media is a personal and private choice and businesses and companies should not be able to impose any rules as to how their employees use social media, so long as it is not used on company time

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