Top 30 Argumentative Essay Topics You Can Handle With Ease

When you are given an argumentative essay assignment you want to do your best to select a topic on which you can easily write a piece. Here’s a selection of the top 30 argumentative essay topics that shouldn’t give you any trouble:

  1. Do you believe that digital photographs are too prevalent to have significant meaning?
  2. Will robots play a significant role in people’s work or personal lives?
  3. Can you make the case for a musician, an author, or an actor that should be a global superstar?
  4. Do you think that musical education leads to success in other academic areas and in life?
  5. What do you consider to be too many text messages that anyone person could send?
  6. Make a case for the 10 best movies made, albums recorded, or books made in the last decade.
  7. How do you feel about celebrities that get back together after a publicized sex scandal?
  8. Is the next step in educational technology incorporating cell phones to the learning process?
  9. Do you think that video games can be used to enhance learning in the classroom?
  10. Which current musical artists do you believe will be popular across generations?
  11. Do you think that listening to a book is as effective as reading a book?
  12. Do you think that the current “hookup culture” is making people unhappy?
  13. What approach should parents take if they want to address prevalent internet porn?
  14. Do you believe that teenage girls should have access to free birth control at school?
  15. How do you feel about making tablet computers a required tool for learning in classrooms?
  16. Why do you believe there aren’t more females pursuing careers in science or math?
  17. Should boys be allowed to wear dresses to school or will it be too much of a distraction?
  18. Does it concern you that people now film just about everything they encounter in a day?
  19. Should following suggestions from magazines affect the way you behave in relationships?
  20. Would you ever trade your paper book library for a larger digital one you can carry with you?
  21. What do you think is the best course of action for fighting sexual violence against women?
  22. Are you in favor of using computers and other technologies to grade your schoolwork?
  23. Can you make the case for where the imaginary line between truth and fiction lies?
  24. Do you think there should be more women in leadership roles across the major sports teams?
  25. Do you find Photo-shopped images in magazines make you feel self-conscious of your looks?
  26. What do you think about the theory suggesting that technology is pulled society further apart?
  27. Can make a prediction about how the musical industry will look like in the next twenty years?
  28. What is your opinion about women not being allowed to fight in the front lines?
  29. Do you believe that youth sports are too violent for youth safety?
  30. How do you feel about making sports betting legal in all of the U.S.?

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