4 Things You Should Do While Writing an Essay

Each time you write an essay, you will be better at it. Practice does make perfect. The problem is that there are different rules for different styles of papers. Students as young writers usually begin with a descriptive or persuasive essay and then work up to more difficult types like a literary review. In addition to there being different essays, there are also different formats such as MLA, Chicago, Harvard, and APA. As a writer matures, the set-up for the thesis statement may move from a sentence to a paragraph. The paper may also be longer. As you an see, there are many variable in composing a paper. However, there are always four things you should always do when composing a paper.

4 Things to do When Creating a Paper

  1. Make an outline-
  2. taking the time to create an outline, as a pre-write step is imperative. Even if you are behind on your schedule, take the time to create a thorough and detailed outline. When you are a young writer, and the teacher expects you to turn in the outline with the paper, you will be told which style to use. As you mature as a writer, most teachers will let you select the style. The two types are the topic outline and the sentence outline. The topic outline is composed of fragments usually 3-6 words in length. The only sentences in a topic outline are the thesis statement and any quotes. The sentence outline allows sentences to be used. Completing a good outline will result in less writing time.

  3. Ask questions
  4. when the instructor assigns the piece, make sure to ask questions. As a teacher, I am surprised at how many students do not understand my instructions, but do not ask me any questions. I want my students to be clear about directions when they leave my room. Too often, I can to directly ask them for questions and then discover they are not sure what I want from them. The questions you have are vital, so make sure to raise your hands and speak up in class. Do not forget about other methods to get essay help.

  5. Proof, proof, and proof
  6. I have seen papers where the content is perfect, but I gave the essay a low score. The paper was filled with mechanical errors and spelling problems. A paper with fragments, run on sentences, and spelling errors can not get a high final score. Many people are not capable of seeing their own errors when they proof. And many people try to proof as soon as they finish writing when their eyes and brain are weary. You should find someone to proof for you or make sure you take a rest before you begin to proof your own paper. You can ask a peer, go to the writing lab, or hire a professional for your needs. If you go with a writing company, know that proofing and editing are not expensive costs in the least, most of essay writing services offer affordable rates.

  7. Use a Sample Paper
  8. most teachers know the power of using a sample as you write. This technique is called modeling or mirroring. You locate a perfect paper in the form in which you need to write. You do not copy the model word for word, but instead you use the composition as a guide. You can find a model from a writing company or online. You will have to pay a fee to get a complete example from a writing business.

As you compose your paper, always make an outline, ask the teacher questions, proof the piece, and use a sample paper as a guide.

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