What It Takes To Complete An Impressive Persuasive Essay On Euthanasia?

As our medicine advances, doctors are gaining more abilities in terms of medical practices. It is now possible to keep someone alive almost indefinitely, without a functioning brain or most internal organs. While it is possible, doing this can be very expensive and as a result, many families and doctors have been faced with a very difficult question.

When writing an essay on topics of social impact, it is wise to always be aware of the possibility of there being many different sides to the story. This means that your paper will require some research, for information that is often quite elusive. In the following short points, I will provide you with a working model to help you construct a well written essay about euthanasia:

  1. The cost of artificial life support
  2. Purchasing and maintaining medical equipment is expensive, and this is without the cost of running them, which can also be quite expensive, requiring large amounts of energy and a trained staff. If a family is willing to pay these costs, does it change the need to make the decision?

  3. The probability of saving a life
  4. In many cases, the patient can recover and go on to lead a fulfilling life. What are the factors that determine these probabilities and are we skilled enough to be able to make these decisions based on what we know or may not know? How do we determine this decision when we have no way of knowing if we were wrong in cases where the decision to pull the plug was made?

  5. The effects on the family and loved ones
  6. While some people may wish to reserve the life of a loved one for as long as possible, it can be suggested that, in cases where waiting proves futile, it may have been better to cut the cord early. On the other hand, an administrative decision to end a loved one’s life can lead to feelings of hate and blame against persons tasked with making these unpleasant decisions.

  7. The moral implications of purposefully ending a life
  8. How do we decide that we are qualified to make these decisions, as a society? Could it be that we have the power because we made the equipment, or do these new inventions simply fall under the jurisdictions of our moral evolution?

  9. What would be better for society
  10. What impact would either decision have on society as a whole? Can we determine a course of action that would be best for all?

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