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What is The Novel About?

To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee is a story about a criminal trial in a small Alabama town, where a black man was sentenced to death for the crime he didn’t commit. Racial, social, class, and educational injustices are described in the book, and literally every issue deserves public attention.

What Ideas Can Be Analyzed in Your Essay?

  • Social injustice and racism in the novel.
  • Since Tom Robinson was black, he became a victim of unfair and prejudiced policy of Maycomb County. What are the attitudes of the characters to the verdict of the jury? How do they describe the injustice of the Southern judicial system in general?

  • Justice versus injustice in To Kill a Mockingbird: which themes are stronger in the novel?
  • The story seems to be devoted purely to injustice. However, the decision to defend Boo Radley is just and fair. What does it mean?

  • The role of a symbolic title in presenting the injustice theme.
  • Why is it a sin to kill a mockingbird? Who are the “mockingbirds” in the story and how do they suffer from injustice?

  • Discrimination against gender in To Kill a Mockingbird.
  • What events in the novel prove that women of Maycomb suffer from injustice? What should a woman do and how should she behave to meet the stereotypes of those days?

  • Class injustice in the novel.
  • What examples does the author provide to show a difference in status between poor and rich families? How are children affected by this discrimination?

  • Racism in the educational system of Maycomb.
  • What are the legal requirements to attending school by white and black children? As it follows from the examples in the novel, black kids aren’t able to receive a quality education. Why is it so?

  • Origins of injustice: fiction versus reality.
  • Look for the causes of injustice in the novel and analyze facts from credible historic sources. Is Harper Lee objective in assessing the situation?

  • Portrayal of black characters in the novel.
  • Although racial injustice is a key theme of the book, Harper Lee doesn’t give proper attention to describing black characters. Why is it so? Share your reflections on the issue.

  • Law and justice in To Kill a Mockingbird.
  • Law is meant to strive for justice. However, the situation is quite opposite in the novel. People follow some unwritten laws, and they are mostly immoral and unfair. Analyze the opposition of written and unwritten laws in your essay.

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