Writing A Response Essay On Macbeth: 12 Fresh Ideas

William Shakespeare’s book: Macbeth, is one of the most widely read literature. It is enchanting and contains great messages about a human’s normal life. Below are 12 new ideas on composing a response essay about this book.

  • Make short notes
  • After studying the text, it is important that one should have a small notebook where he or she can jot down helpful ideas drawn from the text. These are essential when transforming one’s thoughts into writing.

  • Analyze the material and your thoughts on it
  • If you think that the information in the text is untrue, look for supporting evidence that make it look delusive.

  • Have an outline
  • It is significant to draw a sketch of how you will present your points. Depending on extend of your opinions, you can employ supporting paragraphs or more in order to justify your reaction.

  • Stay unique
  • When presenting your personal opinions about William Shakespeare’s work, do not employ the most obvious tone. Use synonyms of words and you will be sure to have a great upshot.

  • Proofread your work
  • This is very significant when the writer is through with crafting and he or she is ready to submit the work. However, this should not be the case. Take a few minutes to go through your work to ensure it is logical and error-free.

  • Use of appropriate descriptive words
  • When justifying an opinion, it is necessary to back it up by using correct terminologies and character names. Do not wander from the main topic.

  • Give an overview
  • In the introductory part, you are called upon to give a brief summary of what you are going to talk about. You can as well state your position, whether you are on the same track with the author or you differ in opinions.

  • Be original
  • Most writers craft about the common things that everyone thinks of. You can become outstanding by thinking critically and employing a unique form of point presentation.

  • Conduct a research
  • It is a great idea to have a firsthand data about the topic before you can embark on the writing. Therefore, dig into various textbooks, journals and pertinent websites that talk about Macbeth. This will aid you to have enough points to defend your ideas.

  • Shun from double meaning words
  • The writer should shun from such words as the reader will have a difficult time in trying to understand them. It will do you good if you employ simple words that are easily comprehended.

  • Take a clear stand
  • By a glimpse of your introduction, the marker should be able to tell on which side you are. If you disagree with the author’s opinions, you should give enough opposing points.

  • Maintain brevity
  • It is risky when the writer becomes too wordy. This is because, length can predispose you to multiple mistakes that can diminish the value of your work and therefore make you earn less marks.

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