List Of Unique Essay Topics On Love In The Time Of Cholera

If you have been assigned to write an essay on the Love in the Time of Cholera by the Spanish writer G. G. Marquez, you’re in for a real treat. First published in 1985 in Spanish, an English translation was published by Alfred A. Knopf in 1988. The movie was released several years later in 2007. This has become a favorite novel for many teachers to assign to students.

Essay topic choices are rich and abundant for this novel. The following list will give you some ideas of topics you can start thinking about. You could use or adapt one of them, or use the list to spark unique ideas of your own.

  1. How does promiscuity get the better of Florentino, who swore to stay faithful to Fermina?
  2. Was Dr. Juvenal Urbino successful in removing superstition about the disease cholera?
  3. What is the historical background for the setting in this novel? How did this play a role in the overall plot of the book?
  4. To what extent does the author use the technique of foreshadowing and how is it an effective strategy for this novel?
  5. What is the purpose of the parrot in this novel?
  6. What are the various testaments to love that are apparent in this book? How effective would these testaments be in today’s society?
  7. What is the difference between love and obsession?
  8. What details from the story support the definition of what constitutes love?
  9. What are the factors that led Lorenzo Daza, Fermina’s father to despise Florentino? Were his efforts to stop the two getting together, justified?
  10. What role does America Vicuna play in unveiling the deceitful and promiscuous nature of Florentino?
  11. In what ways is Florentino’s love for Fermina selfish? How does this nature affect other characters in the novel?
  12. In what ways could this novel be considered a sentimental story about true love and its enduring power? Is this perception too simple?
  13. Are Fermina and Juvenal actually enjoy a perfectly happy marriage or is the reality of the situation not so clear?
  14. How could love be described as both an emotional and physical disease in the context of this story?
  15. How would the disease lovesickness be comparable to a physical disease like cholera?

As you can see, this novel is rich in topic ideas upon which you can build your essay.

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