Things To Discuss In Your Essay On Knowledge Is Better Than Wealth

If you need to write an essay based on the topic of knowledge is better than wealth then there are various things that you can discuss as part of the work that you produce. In order to give you some ideas of what you can write about in your work, the following provides you a range of different suggestions that you can use as inspiration.

  • Knowledge is generally more permanent
  • It is possible that people can lose knowledge as a result of time, and people may even find that their knowledge is severely affected by a variety of different diseases or medical conditions, including Alzheimer’s and other conditions that primarily affect people of an older age.

    Nevertheless, knowledge is still generally more permanent than wealth. For example, people’s wealth will often be tied up in a wide variety of different things, including property, land, artworks and various other physical things. Ultimately, when people have money in physical form then it can get stolen or damaged in some way. Likewise, whilst it is relatively safe to keep your money in a bank, any major changes in the economy, or to the health of the bank, can have an impact on your ability to access your money.

    Ultimately, things can lose value or you can lose wealth in a wide range of different ways. However, you will generally accumulate more knowledge, rather than lose it.

  • Knowledge can give you more satisfaction
  • Whilst money can buy you a wide range of different things, it is often said that money cannot buy you happiness. On the other hand, if you have a great deal of knowledge, then you can discuss ideas with different people, and generally keep yourself more satisfied in life. In fact, as well as using your knowledge that you already have, it can be enjoyable to expand your knowledge of a wide range of different subjects.

  • Knowledge can help you to earn wealth
  • Knowledgeable people, particularly those who can put that knowledge into practice, are able to use what they already know in order to help them to earn wealth; as a result, knowledge can be considered to be better than wealth in this way.

Ultimately, there are many ways in which knowledge is better than wealth, so these are just three possible things that you might wish to discuss in your paper.

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