10 Sample Questions For A World History Compare And Contrast Essay

One of the most common forms of assignments in both high schools and colleges is the Compare/Contrast essay. Such essays require you to identify and potentially discuss in detail the similarities and differences between two or more things or ideas. Compare/Contrast essays test the student’s ability to relate items or ideas by identifying the connections between them. Instructors love them because they induce critical thinking and go beyond mere summaries or descriptions.

Writing a history compare/contrast essay can be a demanding task. You need to be very organized, research extensively, and think critically. To take some burden off your shoulders, we have rounded up some of the best topics that you write about. So, just pick a topic that best suits your situation and get down to work.

10 History Compare/Contrast essay topics to choose from:

  1. The First World War had profound effects on the Asian continent as a whole. Compare and contrast its social and economic effects on Southern Asia and Eastern Asia.
  2. When western countries invaded China and Japan in the nineteenth century, the two reacted differently. Discuss the similarities and differences in how the two countries reacted.
  3. Imperial Rome and Gupta, India are two of the world’s most famous empires. What were the similarities and differences between the two empires with regards to methods of political control in the Classical period?
  4. Han, China and Imperial Rome shared one common feature – imperialistic leadership. However, the two empires exhibited varied imperialistic features. Discuss the similarities and differences in imperialist characteristics in the two empires.
  5. Compare and contrast the effects of racial ideologies on societal development in the Caribbean and the societal impacts of such ideologies in North America between 1500 and 1830.
  6. Both Latin America and Sub-Saharan Africa witnessed the emergence of several nation states in the nineteenth century. Discuss the similarities and differences in how these nation-states were formed.
  7. Different communities built their empires differently. Describe the similarities and differences in how two of the world’s most renowned empires – the Spanish Empire and the Ottoman Empire – devoted economic resources to empire building processes.
  8. The Mexican revolution of 1910 and the Russian revolution of 1917 are both well documented. How did the two revolutions compare?
  9. The Mongol occupied both China and the Middle East at some point between 1206 and 1368. Compare and contrast how the two regions were affected by the Mongol Rule.
  10. Discuss the similarities and differences in cultural and political changes in China and Rome between 100CE and 600CE.

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