Academic Writing Made Simple: 7 Tips On How To Create An Effective Essay

Essays can be a pain to write, but there's no way around them. The best thing you can do is think of ways to make the writing process easier on you. Once you pick a topic you should make a note of why you find it interesting or why it's important, because it's your job to convey that to the readers.

Here are 7 tips to keep in mind:

  1. Selecting your topic.
  2. If you are assigned a topic then you can decide your approach to it. If you have the option of choosing one, you should find one that you find intriguing. This will make it easier to write.

  3. Effective research.
  4. No matter what your topic is, research is the most important part of your essay. Keep track of the best information you find so that you can refer to it later. You will also need to cite your sources, so don't use anything unless you have the title of the work, the year it was published, and the name of the author.

  5. Write an outline.
  6. This can help you organize your information. When you know what goes where, your writing will go smoothly. This will also help you decide the most relevant information to include.

  7. Write the body before the introduction.
  8. It may be a little unusual, but sometimes it can be difficult to summarize your paper when you haven't written it yet. Once you have the body of your essay, you can go back and write your introduction with a better understanding of what it entails.

  9. Write your topic sentences.
  10. Each paragraph should introduce a new point or topic. You can do these one at a time if you prefer, but writing out each individual sentence can help you fill in the gaps. Once you've written your main points, you can craft your supporting paragraphs around them.

  11. Don't make references to yourself.
  12. You should avoid speaking in the first person. Your readers already know that this will be from your point of view. All work of this nature should be written in the third person unless the subject allows otherwise.

  13. Make revisions.
  14. You may need to reword your introductions, smooth out some rough edges, or check for simple spelling mistakes. Your paragraphs should make sense, tie into each other and flow well together. You should never turn in your work without reviewing it first!

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