How To Differentiate A Narrative And A Descriptive Essay: Helpful Manual

There are many, many types of essays. Some are easy that others, some have more relaxed rules, and some require a works cited. As you progress through your academic years, you will be introduced to many of these different styles.

One of the mid-difficulty level papers is the narrative and the descriptive pieces. They are not too difficult and both can be a lot of fun. If you get to select your own subject, it will be even more fun. Use our helpful manual in keeping the two apart and understanding each of them.

Helpful Manual and Easy to Use Tips

  • A descriptive essay will describe an idea, person, place, or thing. It could be as simple as describing a rose bush or as difficult as describing open-heart surgery. It is still more academic based and it will not have slang, dialogue, or first person. It is still formal. It will have a thesis statement and may have in-text citations and works cited page.
  • A narrative is considered a more creative piece. It will tell a story. It is more likely to have characters, setting, and dialogue. It may be a piece on your first date or the time you broke your toe on the playground. It will not have a thesis statement and will not have intext citations.
  • Both will still have a size 12 font, a standard font like Arial, be doubles-spaced, and have correct spelling and grammar. They will both have one-inch margins and should both have an outline that you follow as you write. Both should still have content that is appropriate for the classroom. Both of these styles will have headings and if the teachers ask for it that may have title pages.
  • For both of them, if you can pick your topic, you paper will probably be better. People always write better papers on the subjects or the concepts that the writer enjoys. You will also want to follow all of your teacher deadlines, all of your teacher rules, and all of your teacher instructions. If you get lost or struggle with the pieces, go to see your teacher for assistance. You can also find samples online or from your textbook that you can follow as you work.
  • Use this easy to use manual as you work on your descriptive or on your narrative essay. You will be glad that you did.

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