Choosing Good Argumentative Essay Topics About Health

If you have problems with finding a suitable topic for your essay about health, simply read the following article and choose one in which you will be able to sink your teeth into. It is highly important to pick up the topic in which you are truly interested and care about. In an argumentative essay you will have to choose one side and back up lots of facts, evidence and theses. The next list of topics will definitely sparkle your imagination and will help you to get the highest grades.

  1. One of the most urgent problems of nowadays is child obesity. According to the official statistics the intake of so called junk food by children has tripled during the last 40 years. In the well developed countries the problem of child obesity has reached pandemic level.
  2. Alcohol addicts among teenagers. Addiction is a physical and mental dependence on something without actual limits of the amounts of alcohol.
  3. Another controversial topic for you is advantages and disadvantages of being a vegetarian. You are free either to protect meat eaters and prove that the nutrition from animals is highly important for our organism, or you can write about the upsides of eating only vegetables.
  4. Talking about the obesity problems again, you can write an essay about the methods of controlling weight and calories counting.
  5. Decide if schools have good enough health politics towards students, or maybe there are some urgent unsolved problems which need to be solved.
  6. The upsides and downsides of having fat in your daily ration. Are low fat diets really that good for your health? Choose one side and prove your rightness with the help of statistics and other facts.
  7. Are diets the best way to lose weight? Can they help against morbid obesity and what are the disadvantages of weight control?
  8. How can teenagers with acne live on without it affecting their daily life and relationships with other people? What are the best ways to get rid of acne?
  9. Try to figure out what are the main reasons of drug dependence among teenagers at school.
  10. Can you explain why alternative medicine is so popular nowadays? Is it possible to combine both methods – alternative and modern medicine? Which one is more useful?
  11. How can gym exercises hurt your body? Is it healthy to work out without a professional trainer in a gym?

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