Interesting Ideas For An Argumentative Essay About Abortion

Writing essays is one of the most assigned tasks for students in their school and college life. It is not that all of these assignments are easy but sometimes you have to attempt papers on a critical issue. Students can create effective papers as long as they are committed to the work and have an interest in the subject. It is not possible to have interest in diverse subjects and often you will face and assignment where you lack interest. However, in such a situation, it is best to try developing an interest or realize the worth of the paper so that you can perform well.

Abortion is a hot issue lately and more and more people talk about it on different forums. The discussion whether abortion is right or wrong depends upon your own personal views and no one is going to judge you based on your stance. You should keep in mind that whatever stance you take in your paper, you must have enough evidence and supporting materials to prove it to your audience. Try to avoid taking a stance when you cannot support it and most of your evidence contradicts with it. Pick whatever side you want to take on the paper because in an argumentative essay you must take a side. You cannot write an argumentative assignment by staying neutral or without building and argument. You have to take a stance first and then convince your audience through logic and facts that your stance is correct.

An argumentative assignment is a bit different from other types of writing. Even though the basic structure stays the same but here, you are to convince the readers of your ideas and persuade them to agree with you. The title of such paper should be well composed and engaging. Here are a few examples for you to review.

Topic ideas to write an argumentative essay about abortion

  1. Abortion is illegal and it should be banned everywhere
  2. It is the mother’s right to decide whether she can have the baby or not
  3. Abortion is ethically and morally wrong
  4. It is a biological process and should not be much of a debate
  5. People do not have the right to decide whether keeping your child is good or bad for you
  6. Abortion is a personal decision
  7. Abortion is a social issue
  8. Abortion rates increase due to poverty
  9. Abortion clinics should be sealed

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