Top 22 Compelling Essay Topics For Business Majors

If you’re looking for essay topics for your business major paper, the best idea to look for a subject that you are either an expert at or feel passionate about. This is the best way to write any essay as it will give you some personal knowledge and insight on the subject and thereby help you craft a more compelling paper. Here is a list of a few interesting topics for your paper, to get you started on the route you should take:

Topic examples for Business major papers

  • What is the impact of Audit Frequency
  • An analysis of the Accounting Cycle of a medium sized business firm
  • An analysis of leadership principles in a practical business environment
  • An analysis of the fallout of the AIG Insurance company
  • How does a business organization deal with the challenges faced by Knowledge Management
  • An analysis of the bargaining standards practiced by a business organization as employers with a Union towards better working conditions
  • How does a business organization train employees on Cultural Diversity
  • What are the best methods of a performance evaluation and how to best incorporate this in the Human Resource department
  • An analysis of the key points mentioned in the Turnkey project
  • An analysis of the history of Whistle Blowers in a business organization who have informed regulatory bodies about organizational and functional flaws in their industry.
  • An analysis of Business Laws from the perspective of the class-action lawsuit against Abercrombie & Fitch by an employee
  • Discussion of the laws of Product Liability and the ethical issues concerning the production and distribution of a product
  • An analysis of Behavioral Management theories to incorporate systems in a business environment to promote work satisfaction
  • An analysis of the life-cycle of a company from growth, maturation and decline with a particular emphasis on a particular business enterprise.
  • An analysis of Michael Porter’s ‘Value Chain’ theory in business practices
  • A case study of Starbucks as a success in the Specialty Eateries sector
  • A case study on the Apple iPhone - its marketing strategies and its success
  • A research into the communication skills required and an assessment of those - in the business place
  • A case study of the business practices of Nike as an international brand
  • An analysis of e-commerce websites and internet marketing
  • Research on the Bernie Madoff Ponzi case and the question of business ethics
  • A case study of Nepotism in business houses and its effects

You can use the above topics as a starting point for formulating your own unquiet subject for a Business major essay on a related subject.

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