How To Write A 7-Paragraph Essay That Will Impress Your Professor

Writing for the sole purpose of impressing the professor is one way of doing things wrongly. However, having a clear topic, interesting content and clarity for every idea will certainly make him like your work. Here's how to ensure that the work impresses the professor.

  1. Identify what type of essay has been asked for: there are different types, from creative, persuasive, descriptive, and argumentative to compare/contrast. Different types require different levels of attention and manner of presenting ideas. Although adhering to the guidelines about the type of paper is an obvious thing to the lecturer and may not arouse any feelings, writing the wrong type is one way of making him have a negative attitude towards your work.
  2. Find a hook: Engaging the audience is something you will have to consider important in any type of writing. However, each has different type of invisible audience- the people you intend to relay those ideas to. For instance, an invisible audience for argumentative paper on abortion rights might be people who want to understand why it is important to adopt the stand taken. The audience could be policy makers or other researchers. It should be easy to see how the focus on audience shifts from having your professor as the audience.
  3. Never be tempted to address the lecturer although he is part of the audience. Many students end up including weird statement tailored to impress the lecturer, yet the work would have been better if the right audience was put in mind.

    Right from the start, your audience will form an attitude about the work, and this determines their participation in the discussion. This finally determines the grade score.

  4. Make the work interesting: Although it is a 7-paragraph essay, it will be judged like many other academic papers. The way you present the statements determines whether the work is captivating and intriguing or not. Be creative about what you say and how it is said. Interesting reads also contain linked ideas - do not attempt to state ideas in sentences that do not connect at all - even lectures of this kind don't work for you.
  5. Be open when researching: There is nothing wrong about opposing certain statements as long as you stick to the topic and issues targeted. However, make sure to provide detailed evidence for every statement - making sure that these ideas are backed by research is one of the best ways of doing it.
  6. Stick to the topic: Every paper will address specific issues. One of the ways of getting the professor to award low marks is swaying the discussion away from those issues. 

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