Choosing Excellent Essay Topics For Middle School

How exactly do you go about choosing an excellent middle school essay topic? What sort of things should you consider before deciding? Well, if you’re having trouble in knowing where to begin, trust me, you won’t be the only one! The good news is that I have some excellent suggestions on how to come up with that middle school essay subject you’re searching for- so here’s how:

  • Back up your claims.
  • A good essay topic is one that you can sink your teeth into and which offers plenty of source citation to back up any claims. So don’t just pick what you think will be a meaty subject; also make sure that there are plenty of references to select from.

  • Be passionate.
  • It’s always best to select topics that you’re passionate about. Make a list of various topics and think each one through carefully before deciding on the one to use.

  • What style?
  • Always check that you know of the specific requirements of the paper at hand. If you have total free reign, you may wish to consider what type of essay you want to deliver. For instance, whereas research is always important, this wouldn’t necessarily be so important if you decided to write a reflective essay (which describes a personal experience) or a descriptive essay (where you are describing a subject). When coming up with your ideas for topics, bear in mind what type of approach your paper is going to use. Which style would work best?

  • Be original.
  • Although choosing hot topic subjects can be a good idea, it’s important not to just regurgitate the same information. For instance, a subject like: ‘Should the death penalty be abolished?’ is always a contentious one with many heated points of view had from both sides of the debate. So if you pick a big and disputable theme such as this, try to come at things from an original angle. The fresher your perspective is on a topic, the more it will engage your reader. Be original!

  • Still struggling?
  • If you’re still finding it hard choosing an excellent middle school essay topic, and you’re starting to freak out, then the best thing to do is talk the problem through with someone. Your fellow class friends might be able to help, but the best person to ask is your teacher. Don’t be scared to do so! If you’re having trouble, just have a chat with your tutor- you’ll be amazed at how much they’ll be able to help!

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