William Shakespeare

He is a renowned poet. To many scholars, William is referred to as the English National Poet. This is because of his extraordinary skill in theater and writing plays and poems. It is not clear when William Shakespeare was born. There are no records of his birth anywhere. He was however baptized on 26th April the year 1564. Some trusted sources say that he could have been born three days before his baptism at the Holy Trinity church in Stratford. He was the third born to his family. His father John Shakespeare was a leather merchant and held a very prestigious position in the mayor’s office. This was enough to earn William, a direct slot for free tuition in the state schools. There is however nothing much to show for his education. There are speculations that he attended classes on reading, writing and classics in the King’s New School. Lack of evidence about his knowledge has led to many people asking so many questions about his ability to write the kind of works he did.

His Entry into Theater

In 1952, William was in London where he earned a living by writing plays and acting. The play writer Greene made a name for William when he wrote a scene about him in his article. The interpretation of the article was not actually agreed upon, but many believe that Green spoke about the unique ability that Shakespeare had. He later became a partner in the Lord Chamberlain’s men company. It was an acting company and it changed its name to Kings Men in 1603. Shakespeare is believed to have been dedicated to play writing. He went home only during the forty days when the theaters are closed in a whole year. William is also believed to be an investor. He invested considerably in real estates. The returns were good and people think that this gave him enough time to dedicate to acting and play writing.

His work’s Controversy

People never stop asking questions about his works. To some extent, many people believe that William Shakespeare did not exist. Some f his works has been credited to some other people. Many people do not agree with how a person that had so little education could write with the style that Shakespeare did. There is though some evidence in some pages of his works that were published. The other writers that he worked with in Kings Men testified of his unique abilities.

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