A List Of Winning Topics For Writing A School Essay On A Movie

All teenagers love movies, so it’s extremely easy to write essays about them. You don’t have to gather too much information about the movie itself as long as you watch it, and the entire process is actually fun. Just imagine that you have to watch TV all day long and write a composition based on what you saw; it sounds great, right? If you don’t know what topic can you use, take a look at these ideas:

  • Your favorite movie. What is easier than this? You already saw it a dozen times and you memorized a big part of it. You can explain why you love it, how much this means for you and why. Besides, this topic will give you the chance to share your personality with your colleagues and get to know each other in better way.
  • Old movies. What are the techniques that were used in old movies? As you probably know, the movies were black and white and some of them did not have sound. They were completely different from what we see today. Present to your colleagues some old movies that you love.
  • A historical, accurate movie. There are many documentaries and movies about historical events, but not all of them are accurate. You have to search for one that presents real information so you will not confuse your colleagues. You will have the chance to learn something new while completing your assignment, and you will improve the knowledge of your colleagues.
  • Symbolic movies. There are some movies that will remain forever in history. Some of them are romance, others are horror or funny but they all have one thing in common: the actors and the story is absolutely great. These movies changed the fashion, inspired young people and made other people want to become actors.
  • Short movies. Did you know that you can actually watch a movie that is only a few minutes? They are considered a great way to assimilate some information even if you don’t have a lot of time, and they are extremely popular in the last years.
  • Violent movies. Do you think that these can affect the teenagers in bad way? Is it our responsibility to stop young people from watching these movies, so they can become healthy adults in the future?

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